Feel Good NOW

Which would you choose?

You acheive your goals, live where you want, have all the money you need, but you don’t feel good.


You don’t have what you want or all the money you need. You are still working on your goals, but you feel great!

Regardless of what you accomplish, where you are in your life, or what you have,  you would probably like to feel good!  So here is a bit of feel goodness to get you jump started. Feel free to grab ahold of the idea and create your own collage of things that make you feel good instantly!

IMG_7288 IMG_7606 - Version 2 IMG_7656 IMG_7735 IMG_7736 IMG_7784 IMG_7438 IMG_7286


Flannel & Denim…Done!




I started this with blue flannel and red sweatshirt fabric. I was moving happily along when I ran out of the blue flannel!  I had other flannels, but didn’t want the edges to look out of place, so I cut up a bunch of old jeans and finished up the quilt that way.  I used white cotton for the hand tying, but I’m not sure I like it.  I may have to learn to machine quilt.  What do you think?  Does the hand tied look take away or add to in this case? IMG_7773

Quilting Dreams

Feeling light, floral and inspired I started with a stained antique linen towel with cute embroidery. I saw this on henhousehomemade.blogspot.com and fell in love with the idea. miaslandliv.blogspot.com  is  another wonderful site from Norway!   

IMG_7606 - Version 2



Update: Oh this is getting fun..:)



IMG_7654 IMG_7657IMG_7655

Thrift Therapy

4132579932_2c806b60edSometimes things just keep on piling up!  No, I don’t mean thrift store finds and other junk.  I mean life!  And with many sad things happening all at once, it is such a magical thing to walk into a Goodwill in a Goodtown.  I forget sometimes that the key to great thrifting, or yard saling, or any bargain shopping for that matter, is to shop in the right neighborhood!  Having a dental appointment an hour from home landed me in shopping country with a mall and a Goodwill only yards from each other.  Needless to say, I went a little crazy.  A lot giddy.  And self-control was out the window!  I haven’t felt this good in weeks!  Being immersed in isles and isles of clothing where scanning for the cashmere or linen isn’t necessary because high-end fabrics abound.  Here the game is to decide how many will go to the fitting room.  The cart gets swamped, burying glassware and goblets with denim name brands.  The fitting room won’t allow carts, so there is the added adventure of popping out to spy.  Is someone shopping from my parked cart?  Oh the joyous stress and mischief of it all!!   Okay. Without further ado, here is my loot!

IMG_7399Ahh fall! Denim, sweaters and plaid! Love.IMG_7396And the best things in life are NOT free!  A pair of perfect fit Matchstick jeans go for WAY MORE than sensible!  Unless you find them at Goodwill! IMG_7402Oh you thought I was kidding when I said goblet?  Pier One, Dollar General or Antiques…I could care less!  They’re mine now!IMG_7405IMG_7401Oh my! A little festive eggnog or cocoa with a foamy frothy top perhaps? Christmas is coming!! IMG_7407Holy Moses!  I’m losing my marbles! IMG_7409IMG_7415Here’s a sample of vintage finds: Pillow from my sis, lampshade from a Tennessee yard sale, picture frame from Salvation Army, and of course marbles marbles marbles! IMG_7419Okay, now I’m bushed.  Time out for tea!   Happy thrifting!

The Gift of Fabric!

I recently scored the Jackpot when I was granted a “have at it” over a huge selection of vintage fabric. I have been in a quilting daze ever since! Here is my first quilt top.  I fogot to take the finished photos, as it is off in a package to my neice who decided to give birth a bit early. But you get the idea..







O What FUN

IMG_6091Brown paper packages, tied up with string…naw…too grown up.  Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes?  Sure!  Warm woolen mittens?  You bet!  But the warm fuzzies that these glassy ornaments bring is a WAY favorite thing!  I have seen photos of them on etsy, or pinterest and thought, Why yes! I must have them.  And WHAT to my WONDERING EYES did APPEAR?  IMG_6102

But lots of them everywhere! As basement finds, gifts, and thrift store loot! Oh Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a GOOD NIGHT!





@#$%#$@ It! It’s Beer Thirty!

Got dressed, primped and gussied up so I could “show up” for the day.  Went out and hit one of my thrift spots.  My goal: find something I can’t live without.  Didn’t happen.  So I wandered a bit further to one of my favorite antique shops.  Closed.  Well that does it; back to the room, with a cold beer.  Off with the jeans, on with the comfy pants and ditch this damn bra! .  I do believe it’s movie time!  I must say, the Herslev India Pale Ale can make any day in Denmark a blessed day!  I have been forever converted to beer LOVER!


Tis the still, quiet, introspective season. Unseen life waits beneath the cover of winter.  Dormant dreams hide.  Time stands still.  The rush is hushed.  The heart is free to soar from past to future and back home again.

    I find a dreamer’s perch on a captured balcony and indulge my fantasies.

           I’m a child in the window, who dreams of being  grown up.

   And ahead to spring.  Dreams of homes and gardens and gatherings.

Time stood still when I found this darling lonesome flower, hanging onto its life into the winter months.

             Feel the shiver from the stillness of the marina.

        Remembering the green warmth of late summer. 

What better time of year to remember the way the clouds moved just for me, completing the perfect day with a nod from heaven.  Happy New Year, and many quiet dreams to you all!

The Little Things

The Little Things

Since receiving my new camera about a year ago, I have taken thousands of pictures.  But lately I am drawn to photograph tiny little things, like my inch tall tumbling Santas, or the details on a plate designed by my favorite artist.  It happened quite by accident.  I was photographing my thrift store finds to share with my sister, who used to be my thrift store buddy.  But now, since we are so far apart, I thought it would be fun to include her in going through my loot.  I was taking pictures of a plate I found, when I began to zoom in and notice all kinds of little details.  I could almost feel the artist over my shoulder smiling, “Yes, there is a lot more to see.” 

This spark ignited a flame of curiosity about the tiny little unnoticed world all around us.  I have often thought about the vastness of the universe, but haven’t pondered the little things very much.  Now I am noticing them everywhere, in fabrics, textures, and tiny little collectibles for the knick-knack shelf.

I watched the Incredible Shrinking Man on you tube and in the end, he never really disappears, because infinity works in both directions.  He would just keep getting smaller and smaller forever and ever. 

This attention to small things can lead to a great deal of peace and wonderment!  To cease looking outward, or onward, or beyond to some far away place or time, and to be present right where you are; to notice the tiny details of your child’s fingernails, or the curve of your lover’s nose.  It’s comforting to know there is so much to explore in your very own home,  so many ways to grow in creativity just by becoming aware of what is all around you in every moment.  Why, there may even be a universe in that little dust speck after all!

Museum Magic

A bit of birthday money was burning a whole in my pocket, so I took to the streets to see what goodies I hadn’t discovered yet. I was tickled to find that the cute little place that is usually locked up had some dim lights inside and a person browsing around. I pushed open the door and my heart leaped!

Partly because it was one of the first times I remembered to push the door instead of pulling. I had just embarrassed myself minutes before at the little thrift store I like. I had pulled the handle. It didn’t budge. So I hung my head, took a few steps and started window-shopping. Then I saw a woman who was clearly browsing in there! So I went back to the door, and pushed. That was the trick. But back to the museum: this is not an ordinary museum, but quite like an old country store. And all the goodies on display are for sale! I set about to browsing, when the old gentleman running the place greeted me in Danish. I took a moment to make it obvious we have a language barrier, but like most of the Danish folks, he did his best to help me in broken English. I selected something darling to help me with a bit of Danish vocabulary. Reminded me of the old Dick and Jane illustrations in the states.  

My eyes fell to the floor where this shoehorn creature begged me to take him too! I tried to ignore him, picking him up, admiring him, setting him back down. No, there was no leaving this little guy.  

We had boot-removing devices when I was a kid, but nothing like this! Ours was just an ugly piece of wood with a v at the top. This guy became my birthday present!   

After paying for my finds, I asked the man if I might take some photos. He was more than accommodating, pointing out interesting antiques around the place, and welcoming me to different rooms.   Enjoy the slideshow!

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