A Breath of Saturday Romance










For the Love of Fabric

Now that Christmas is over, I can show off all the fun I’ve had with making quilts! Natalee was here over the summer and chose a bunch of fabrics for her quilt.  Hers was the craziest I’ve made yet, with lots of 3 inch squares and even some triangles!



IMG_7515 And for the back, a heavy khaki between paisley edges.

IMG_7509      IMG_7508IMG_7511

IMG_7510 Hand tied with navy blue string. Guess I didn’t get a picture of that.   Stay tuned for the fastest quilt I’ve ever made!  



Quilting Dreams

Feeling light, floral and inspired I started with a stained antique linen towel with cute embroidery. I saw this on henhousehomemade.blogspot.com and fell in love with the idea. miaslandliv.blogspot.com  is  another wonderful site from Norway!   

IMG_7606 - Version 2



Update: Oh this is getting fun..:)



IMG_7654 IMG_7657IMG_7655

Harvest Time

download Standing at my kitchen sink playing an old Hosanna worship CD and peeling peaches for canning, I have the beautiful and familiar sensation of the Lord’s presence.  Smiling, I enjoy a few moments of His smiling, my gratitude, and that awesome feeling that time has stopped. All is right with the world.

Then the Word comes.  I capitalize “word” because it is divine.  Man shall not live by bread alone, but by the Word of God.  The Word of God usually refers to the Bible. But where did the bible come from?  Holy men who were inspired to write it, so it says.  So where did this inspiration come from? From God of course, via the Holy Spirit. If you have ever longed to meet Jesus; to talk to him, to dine with him, to bend his ear a minute, or sit at his feet, or even throw things at him, you may find yourself empty and frustrated that he is not here.  But I will let you in on a little secret.  He said he was leaving but would not leave us comfortless.  He said he would send another, who would be with us always.  That “other” is the Holy Spirit.  He is God with us.  The Omnipresent one.  And He is the one who inspired those “men of old” to write what they wrote.   And here is another mystery.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  That verse is referring to Jesus.  But it is also referring to “the Word”, before the “holy men of old” were inspired to write it.  So the Word is not only the written word, but the living word.JesusBaptism

This brings me back to my moment at the sink.  In the midst of feeling that wonderful and personal presence, the word comes.

“It’s harvest time.”

I think back over the years of prayer and sowing into the lives of my loved ones.  I think over all the care and worry.  I think of all I did that was right or good as a parent.  And all the hopes I have gripped and lost and gripped again.  And then I see a wonderful rest.  It is finished. He is faithful to complete it. He has heard me, seen me, and assured me, and in fact HE put the desires there in the first place! 1 Cor 15:46  The spiritual does not come first, but the physical and then the spiritual.IMG_7335So here’s to the physical harvest! And to the anticipation of a wonderful spiritual harvest!IMG_7349IMG_7347IMG_7348

The Gift of Fabric!

I recently scored the Jackpot when I was granted a “have at it” over a huge selection of vintage fabric. I have been in a quilting daze ever since! Here is my first quilt top.  I fogot to take the finished photos, as it is off in a package to my neice who decided to give birth a bit early. But you get the idea..







O What FUN

IMG_6091Brown paper packages, tied up with string…naw…too grown up.  Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes?  Sure!  Warm woolen mittens?  You bet!  But the warm fuzzies that these glassy ornaments bring is a WAY favorite thing!  I have seen photos of them on etsy, or pinterest and thought, Why yes! I must have them.  And WHAT to my WONDERING EYES did APPEAR?  IMG_6102

But lots of them everywhere! As basement finds, gifts, and thrift store loot! Oh Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a GOOD NIGHT!





The Quilt Saga Con’t

I was up before the sun. With the time change, that’s not hard to do. But for me to get up while the house is dark, start some coffee, and pull out the sewing machine, something is truly amiss. But last night I decided to iron the pin job I did on the edges of the quilt and see if I could build my confidence to just finish it! The quilt is an ebay find. I lusted after it and sent the listing to Anne telling her that birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or any other occation would be complete with this quilt. To my surprise, she actually bought it and brought it to me as a housewarming gift last spring!

IMG_4016It was even more beautiful in person. But I quickly realized it was a quilt top, and not a finished product. I was still thrilled, and planned to ask my talented quilting friend, Shelly, to complete it for me.  But then a twist of fate (and a new job) introduced me to another quilter.  She assured me I could finish this myself, and volunteered to help me.  She bought all the batting and backing and pins and sandwiched it for me. And I got busy tying.  The tying was fun and easy and I couldn’t wait to take the pins out.  Finally the big day arrived, and I unpinned the beauty.  Then I messed it up.  I sewed around the outside of all the ties, and was none too pleased with the result. So the quilt sat for a while. I was afraid if I finished the edges I would wreck it even further.  But one night, watching TV, I started pinning the edges together, and last night I ironed the edges where  I had pinned, and when I awoke this morning, I knew that if all went smoothly, I could finish this sucker once and for all before my first cup of coffee!  And that is just how it happened.

As I sit in the wee hours of the morning with the sewing machine rumbling, I think of my mother. I think of all the quilts on our beds when I was a kid. I think of home-made Halloween costumes.  The back yard grows lighter and lighter, while the hot air kicks out from the furnace.

I’m not much of a sewer, I think to  the woman who sewed this quilt top. I imagine she winced at the thought of it being finished on a machine. But as much as she hates the idea, she’s  grinning because her quilt didn’t end up on a garage floor somewhere, or in a box in an attic, but instead it’s adored and appreciated, even if the new owner is completely inept.

I think of the word “domestic” and I become an Indian descendant: determined to keep the traditions of his fathers alive, and preserve a way of living that is vanishing from the modern world. But it’s my mother’s tradition: the way of the home; industrious, creative, and skillful; refinishing furniture, sewing curtains, knitting socks, baking bread.

The coffee beckons as I finish up the last side. I am not thrilled with my work, but I am thrilled that it is finally finished and I can throw it over a bed.  I am also excited to finish two more quilt tops that I found over the summer.


But mostly I am ready for coffee!

Thanks Anne and Jess!

Before the move, I spent countless hours browsing and dreaming about the details of the new place.  I came across this quilt on ebay and sent the link to my daughter.  What the heck.  Mother’s Day, or  a birthday, or Christmas would be here eventually.  I really thought she would chuckle and dismiss it.  But when she was here for her visit she gave me a huge gift bag with wonderful housewarming card and sure enough; the dream quilt was mine!  What a gal!

The chairs were a gift too!  A beautiful set of four from the new “step mother-in-law” (?) .

What a difference sixty four pictures can make!

@#$%#$@ It! It’s Beer Thirty!

Got dressed, primped and gussied up so I could “show up” for the day.  Went out and hit one of my thrift spots.  My goal: find something I can’t live without.  Didn’t happen.  So I wandered a bit further to one of my favorite antique shops.  Closed.  Well that does it; back to the room, with a cold beer.  Off with the jeans, on with the comfy pants and ditch this damn bra! .  I do believe it’s movie time!  I must say, the Herslev India Pale Ale can make any day in Denmark a blessed day!  I have been forever converted to beer LOVER!