Easter Quilt

Almost finished. ¬†And the dear friend who will get it doesn’t surf the net or read my blog…thankfully ūüôāIMG_8583 IMG_8582 IMG_8581 IMG_8580 IMG_8579 IMG_8578 IMG_8576IMG_8575

Flannel & Denim…Done!




I started this with blue flannel and red sweatshirt fabric. I was moving happily along when I ran out of the blue flannel! ¬†I had other flannels, but didn’t want the edges to look out of place, so I cut up a bunch of old jeans and finished up the quilt that way. ¬†I used white cotton for the hand tying, but I’m not sure I like it. ¬†I may have to learn to machine quilt. ¬†What do you think? ¬†Does the hand tied look take away or add to in this case?¬†IMG_7773

Speed Quilt!

Christmas day was fast approaching, and still I hadn’t found anything for my sister. ¬†I was on the lookout for something just right in a thrift store, or second hand shop, or even in my house somewhere (We try not to buy NEW things for eachother..that just wouldn’t do..) But nothing had jumped out at me, ¬†and time was running out. She too had made a pile last summer from fabrics she liked, letting me know the kind of quilt she’d prefer. But I couldn’t possibly have time for that. ¬†Not this year. ¬†Or did I? ¬†I had started one of my own with larger squares. ¬†The work goes fast when the squares are big.



IMG_7702  IMG_7710 I even found the perfect sheet for a backing.  And added my little embroidered bee for fun.

IMG_7712 IMG_7707

For the Love of Fabric

Now that Christmas is over, I can show off all the fun I’ve had with making quilts! Natalee was here over the summer and chose a bunch of fabrics for her quilt. ¬†Hers was the craziest I’ve made yet, with lots of 3 inch squares and even some triangles!



IMG_7515 And for the back, a heavy khaki between paisley edges.

IMG_7509      IMG_7508IMG_7511

IMG_7510¬†Hand tied with navy blue string. Guess I didn’t get a picture of that. ¬† Stay tuned for the fastest quilt I’ve ever made! ¬†



Quilting Dreams

Feeling light, floral and inspired I started with a stained antique linen towel with cute embroidery. I saw this on henhousehomemade.blogspot.com and fell in love with the idea. miaslandliv.blogspot.com  is  another wonderful site from Norway!   

IMG_7606 - Version 2



Update: Oh this is getting fun..:)



IMG_7654 IMG_7657IMG_7655