Pocket Full of Sunshine

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In the secret recesses of my heart I hide you.

I take you out when I am alone and then allow my mind to imagine all we would do together:

the walks in the sunshine,

the quiet peace of being in your presence,

laying my head on your shoulder and hearing your voice as a wonderful cool stream, refreshing and quenching my thirst.

I take out my memories like little treasures hidden in my pocket and I hold them delicately and warmly and I love them

my secret little possessions that no one can take from me, and no one can share with me.

No. This is mine.

And this is my strength, invigorating me when I am lonely.

Comforting me when I am confused.

These things I guard with all my might.  Locked up tight.

If ever I allow someone a peek into these things, inevitably they misunderstand,

or begin a tirade of well- meaning advice.

No.  No more.  From now on, it’s just me and my secret stash locked away for a time.

A time when it will be okay.

A time appointed for us that no one knows yet.

Not even you and me.


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