Liar Liar

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Where do you want to live,  I asked her. Referring to her thoughts of course.  Location makes no difference since  all of life springs from the mind and heart.  She was telling me of fearful thoughts: of loss, betrayal, of passion thwarted.  All calamities that may never be, but the reality of torment persists. Fears that torment:

Get behind me satan.

With your empty lies and threats.

Even if you loose your plans, will I be undone by them? 

The end has been told already.

Your story seems true now. 

 But I know the end of the novel.

When all are raised in Glory.

And I will laugh at your calamity  

when you are undone and underfoot.

And I, embracing loved ones, lost and found

laughing together at our reunion dinner

forever drowning out the pain you caused.

There is no more you.  

There is no more lie.

And separation is a thing that never was.


 Follow the thoughts to their conclusion, I said. There you will find your peace.  She is a hopeful green tender shoot in the spring. She concluded she would be grateful for the time they had.  Ahh. Very good.  So if you must dwell on an unknowable future, dwell there. Where the heart is made whole again, and the bittersweet is embraced. And the fragrance of love is heady and thick. There are some things that can never be taken away from you. It is yours to keep forever.


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