Xaviar Sleeps

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Xaviar sleeps
with his lips so full,
his skin amber brown
I watch him
and I wait
and I sigh sometimes.
I know he hears me
he knows I’m here
admiring his locks of thick dark hair
the sharp nose
the chiseled jawline,
the musky breath as he exhales
Intoxicating is my Xaviar
Weary, I kneel
To look, to smell, to love, to watch
It’s like a coma
He’s alive in there. I just know he is.
I dream of the day,
when he awakes. When we talk, and laugh, and share.
When the breath of his nostrils
Sounds like a blast
And my whole world is in a moment changed.
By that one rising
That waking up
That beautiful, heart stopping instant
For that I am here
quietly waiting. Matching my breath with his.
Smiling and thankful,
for this time. When I can rest quietly with him.
Admiring his beauty
as he is still, and quiet
and sleeping.


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