SunCatcher Tucson

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We arrived late in the afternoon for a three night stay at the SunCatcher Fine Country Inn.  We were greeted by Janos and given a tour of the grounds and  home.  What a comfort after the long drive from Williams.  We stayed in the Cowboy Room. The saltillo tiles were covered with a cool patchwork cowhide rug. The bed was amazingly comfortable and draped with a Pendleton southwestern wool blanket.


IMG_8254 IMG_8249 IMG_8248The home was beautiful and filled with an eclectic mix of furnishings, artwork, and gorgeous rugs.  But the real attraction here at SunCatcher is the unbelievable breakfast Janos whips up every morning at 8:30!  Each morning he started us off with coffee, orange juice and a coctail of fruit, berries, granola, greek yogurt, and freshly whipped cream.  I was full before I even finished this, but there was more to come.  Scrambled eggs loaded with peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes and a side of croissants and slices of ham.  Janos made us  lovely french toast sprinkled with fresh berries  and powdered sugar the second day and I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of his creation.  Oh. And a side of eggs and bacon.  (Better be hungry!)


If you’re ever in Tucson and want a nice quiet out-of-the-way stay, this is a sure bet.  Sweet hospitality, amazing sunsets, perfect comfort and loads of food.  They even keep a pig to eat up the leftovers! IMG_8260





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