New Again: the life of a Christmas cactus

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I had this wonderful cactus in full bloom when I bought it from Wegmans a couple years ago. I have never had any luck keeping a cactus alive long enough to bloom again.  Not for lack of trying mind you.  I have tried to get a clipping from an old one to start my own.  It never made it.  Bought a new one and tried to keep it alive after all the blooms fell off.  It died.  But they are just so pretty I had to buy one more little plant for the holidays.  It was the typical routine: gorgeous blooms, breathtaking color.  Then the blooms fell off, and the plant got more and more unhappy.  But this time, I took it down in the basement and tried to forget about it.  I saw it a time or two and gave it a drink, but it looked dreary and wicked sad.  I left it there till fall.  Then I repotted it with new soil, gave it a hefty drink and put it in the window.  Slowly the flat dull  stems plumped up and got a nice green color, and a couple weeks ago, little buds appeared.  I am in awe!  A cactus plant of my very own that returned to bloom for the holidays!



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