Snowflake Angels

Found these little cuties for twenty-five cents each on one of my thirft outings.  They were dying to make an appearance here on my blog, so I set them up in a few different poses…and…well…a star is born..or a snowflake..or something like that. 





 Been adding to the vintage ornament collection too!



Here’s wishing you many magical moments! 


Quilting Dreams

Feeling light, floral and inspired I started with a stained antique linen towel with cute embroidery. I saw this on and fell in love with the idea.  is  another wonderful site from Norway!   

IMG_7606 - Version 2



Update: Oh this is getting fun..:)



IMG_7654 IMG_7657IMG_7655

New Again: the life of a Christmas cactus


I had this wonderful cactus in full bloom when I bought it from Wegmans a couple years ago. I have never had any luck keeping a cactus alive long enough to bloom again.  Not for lack of trying mind you.  I have tried to get a clipping from an old one to start my own.  It never made it.  Bought a new one and tried to keep it alive after all the blooms fell off.  It died.  But they are just so pretty I had to buy one more little plant for the holidays.  It was the typical routine: gorgeous blooms, breathtaking color.  Then the blooms fell off, and the plant got more and more unhappy.  But this time, I took it down in the basement and tried to forget about it.  I saw it a time or two and gave it a drink, but it looked dreary and wicked sad.  I left it there till fall.  Then I repotted it with new soil, gave it a hefty drink and put it in the window.  Slowly the flat dull  stems plumped up and got a nice green color, and a couple weeks ago, little buds appeared.  I am in awe!  A cactus plant of my very own that returned to bloom for the holidays!


Happy Face

It’s time to fire up the blender and mix some yummy ingredients to soothe this dry thirsty winter complexion.  First I shredded an ounce or so of beeswax and put it in a double boiler to melt. Then, to the pot, add 1/8 cup each of cocoa butter and palm oil.  Next add 1/4 cup of grapeseed oil.  When these are all liquified, they go in the blender to sit and cool.  Once cooled, add (a little at a time through the hole in the top of the blender) 1 cup of 100% aloe vera gel and several drops of essential oils.  I used ylang ylang and sweet orange. Blend well, and store in jars.  I added a 1/4 tsp of cocoa powder for color and got a rich creamy earthy color.