Isn’t She Lovely!

Wait!    Start the music….THEN scroll…

IMG_7427My first attempt at a chair facelift!  I got six of these at a yard sale a couple years ago.  They weren’t pretty, but we needed the extra chairs for a party.  Now I am changing them one at a time with all kinds of fun spray paint colors and shabby fabrics! Stay tuned for the other five.

Isn’t she LOVELY?!! 🙂


Thrift Therapy

4132579932_2c806b60edSometimes things just keep on piling up!  No, I don’t mean thrift store finds and other junk.  I mean life!  And with many sad things happening all at once, it is such a magical thing to walk into a Goodwill in a Goodtown.  I forget sometimes that the key to great thrifting, or yard saling, or any bargain shopping for that matter, is to shop in the right neighborhood!  Having a dental appointment an hour from home landed me in shopping country with a mall and a Goodwill only yards from each other.  Needless to say, I went a little crazy.  A lot giddy.  And self-control was out the window!  I haven’t felt this good in weeks!  Being immersed in isles and isles of clothing where scanning for the cashmere or linen isn’t necessary because high-end fabrics abound.  Here the game is to decide how many will go to the fitting room.  The cart gets swamped, burying glassware and goblets with denim name brands.  The fitting room won’t allow carts, so there is the added adventure of popping out to spy.  Is someone shopping from my parked cart?  Oh the joyous stress and mischief of it all!!   Okay. Without further ado, here is my loot!

IMG_7399Ahh fall! Denim, sweaters and plaid! Love.IMG_7396And the best things in life are NOT free!  A pair of perfect fit Matchstick jeans go for WAY MORE than sensible!  Unless you find them at Goodwill! IMG_7402Oh you thought I was kidding when I said goblet?  Pier One, Dollar General or Antiques…I could care less!  They’re mine now!IMG_7405IMG_7401Oh my! A little festive eggnog or cocoa with a foamy frothy top perhaps? Christmas is coming!! IMG_7407Holy Moses!  I’m losing my marbles! IMG_7409IMG_7415Here’s a sample of vintage finds: Pillow from my sis, lampshade from a Tennessee yard sale, picture frame from Salvation Army, and of course marbles marbles marbles! IMG_7419Okay, now I’m bushed.  Time out for tea!   Happy thrifting!

Harvest Time

download Standing at my kitchen sink playing an old Hosanna worship CD and peeling peaches for canning, I have the beautiful and familiar sensation of the Lord’s presence.  Smiling, I enjoy a few moments of His smiling, my gratitude, and that awesome feeling that time has stopped. All is right with the world.

Then the Word comes.  I capitalize “word” because it is divine.  Man shall not live by bread alone, but by the Word of God.  The Word of God usually refers to the Bible. But where did the bible come from?  Holy men who were inspired to write it, so it says.  So where did this inspiration come from? From God of course, via the Holy Spirit. If you have ever longed to meet Jesus; to talk to him, to dine with him, to bend his ear a minute, or sit at his feet, or even throw things at him, you may find yourself empty and frustrated that he is not here.  But I will let you in on a little secret.  He said he was leaving but would not leave us comfortless.  He said he would send another, who would be with us always.  That “other” is the Holy Spirit.  He is God with us.  The Omnipresent one.  And He is the one who inspired those “men of old” to write what they wrote.   And here is another mystery.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  That verse is referring to Jesus.  But it is also referring to “the Word”, before the “holy men of old” were inspired to write it.  So the Word is not only the written word, but the living word.JesusBaptism

This brings me back to my moment at the sink.  In the midst of feeling that wonderful and personal presence, the word comes.

“It’s harvest time.”

I think back over the years of prayer and sowing into the lives of my loved ones.  I think over all the care and worry.  I think of all I did that was right or good as a parent.  And all the hopes I have gripped and lost and gripped again.  And then I see a wonderful rest.  It is finished. He is faithful to complete it. He has heard me, seen me, and assured me, and in fact HE put the desires there in the first place! 1 Cor 15:46  The spiritual does not come first, but the physical and then the spiritual.IMG_7335So here’s to the physical harvest! And to the anticipation of a wonderful spiritual harvest!IMG_7349IMG_7347IMG_7348