Sing Anyways


We are into January now, and it’s a fresh clean slate of a new year! Sunshine on snow, icicles from the eaves and family scattered round the country! It’s as good a time as any to stir up the faith, to rouse the sleeping giant, and make an open-armed gesture of thanks and praise to our Maker. What is that? A little resistance on the God-door? Well let go, have a seat and hear a little tale akin to those of old; with sparkly pixie dust that helps you fly, or trays of scrumptious morsels being carried by happy hosts in penguin suits, or mermaids teaching you to swim more gracefully; tales of magical youth, childish dreams, and a truth so good! Can it be true?

Enter the dark evil villain with charcoal black eyes and destruction in his heart.

He mocks the innocence, he slaughters the flowers, the fairies; the green meadow becomes a mass grave, the ocean a toxic waste.

All that are left gaze wide-eyed wondering. They shake their heads, they hear the wailing of grief, they see the darkness like smoke, the stench of death and they fall to their knees.

What is this? My Lord? Where is Good? We must be alone. The heavens are silent.

But here around the neck of one little creature is a symbol of old. A symbol left for us to remember. It is a silver cross set with deep blood-red garnets. The cross…Perfect Innocent Divinity gives His life for not-so-perfect guilty creatures. The creature clutches the pendant and all is still and quiet. In a vision, a parent lays his lifeless little girl on her bed and waits for the Savior. The house is full of whispers and doubt, mourning and anguish. When the Master arrives, he puts them all out, and wakes her from death. She is given to her parents, for a time, but the Master knows she will die again one day. It is the nature of life here.

Even after he raised the dead, and rose from the dead, and showed himself to many and commanded us to be of good cheer, we still see death as every bit as horrifying and real as ever. But we are like grass seed in the hand of God. We are sprinkled here on the earth, and live our lives, all the while forgetting that this life is the seed life. When a seed falls into the ground and dies, then it bears much fruit.

So when you hear of trouble and sorrows, remember the truth we have been given and be encouraged. We are strangers and pilgrims in the earth. This world is not our home. There is a scene in The Grinch with a great lesson for our time together here. It goes something like…SING ANYWAY!

The Gift of Fabric!

I recently scored the Jackpot when I was granted a “have at it” over a huge selection of vintage fabric. I have been in a quilting daze ever since! Here is my first quilt top.  I fogot to take the finished photos, as it is off in a package to my neice who decided to give birth a bit early. But you get the idea..