And every stranger’s face I see..

Have you ever been in that place where you know you should be grateful, and full of appreciation, and really soaking it all in, but instead, you are just dull? Numb? It happens all too often. Overwhelmed with excitement, gratitude, and awe…for a while.  And then it’s gone.

 If you’re rolling your eyes, or shaking your head in disgust, go on, move along now. No reason to read further. But if you get it, if you’ve had that same thing happen again and again, pull up a chair and read on. In a foreign country over a dozen times now, some visits lasting as long as three weeks, a number of people have asked, “What do you do all day, in the hotel, while your husband is working?”

It’s easier to talk about what you don’t do. There’s no dishes, laundry or housework. Although there have been occasions to hand wash a load in the bathtub and leave it hanging all over the bathroom to dry.

Having no kitchen can get old. The garden back home overflows  with tomatoes as this is written.  Tomatoes would be picked and chopped and mixed with fresh garlic and basil to roast over some french bread. Back home. In the kitchen.

But here there is no garden. There are no projects, like at home; no big shelves to refinish, no funky pants to sew, no quilt to tie, no plants to buy and put in before winter, no rooms to be painted, no wallpaper to hang.

Just homesickness.

As beautiful as it is here, appreciation for it is dwindling. Maybe travel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Oh, it’s nice for a little spell, to see something new or enjoy unusual tastes and smells, languages and customs, art and scenery, shopping and all that. But maybe traveling closer to home would do; touring in the good ol’ USA.  The west coast, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Napa Valley, the Finger Lakes, and Adirondacks.

So here’s  a look at another afternoon in Roskilde and some favorite places, but remember, they are all shot through a lens of haze and homesickness.

The square here has been transformed into an art gallery.

  He is called “Bishop”.

This one is called “Secret Admirer”.

         And believe it or not, this is called Angelina Jolie.

This has to be one of the most majestic manmade things ever constructed, but impossible to capture with a camera, no matter how many shots are taken. It’s another angle of the Roskilde Cathedral.

       This marina beckons daily; a beautiful walk.

   And the shoreline’s chorus gently laps away disquietude.

Sweaters, Sweaters, and Summer’s Still Here

Since I am spending the days by my lonesome I decided to share my morning’s adventure and do a spot of writing on my blog.  First of all, thanks to all who enjoy reading my ramblings and looking over the images I capture.  It is with sharing in mind that I take photos in the first place. It isn’t only the freezing of time, or the capture of a moment, it is also just the beauty of being able to share a simple, “Check this out!”  It is as if I have you walking down the sidewalk with me, and I’m pointing to this or that and interrupting whatever you may be thinking or doing to show you something.  Something as miniscule as a how the wild flowers are the exact same species here, but look a little different.  Yes, this I will have to show you, since my companion didn’t think so. The Queen Anne’s lace is thicker here; not as wispy as ours is in the states.

So once again, allow me to bend your ear, your eye, your attention and humor me while I sketch a portrait of a Danish morning.

                  Queen Anne’s Lace Danish style

                  And North American Style

 I should be writing. This is what I tell myself.  I leave my room , or closet rather, so housekeeping can tidy up the place.  I go to the cafeteria-like dining room and sit with my computer and coffee and work on my story. But I can’t concentrate.  The sound of foreign sirens rings outside. (Link on right if you want to really be here with me…)

But that isn’t why I can’t concentrate.  The trouble is I have kroner burning a whole in my pocket and thrift stores I haven’t visited since June.  So after giving housekeeping a bit of time, I return to my room, ditch the computer, grab my camera and head out.  I have twice the usual distance to walk; something I would have done well to remember before loading myself up with heavy bags of winter loot! But here’s the load I carried back:

Found this funky raspberry jacket made of felt, and this quilted thing isn’t a skirt (yet). It’s a big square that I found with the scarves.  Looks like a good table cover to me.  Or maybe a skirt.

Love this big suede belt! And underneath is a fabulous long dress in a heavy tweed-like fabric! Oh, and I almost forgot this necklace I found that should look awesome with it!

                Don’t ask.  I have no idea.  But I liked it. And it was $3.

I guess I feel fall and winter coming on.  I love to collect sweaters, belts, boots, and all things warm.  But outside, it is still screaming summer. Even here in Denmark.

So there you have it.  Another day in the Old World.  Be sure you follow me if you want my blog posts to come to you automatically. And comments are cool.   Don’t be shy.  Next post I am thinking of sharing a teaser for the story I am working on.  Click like if you’re interested.

The Earth is Full of his Glory

I awoke this morning with these words in my head, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is Good! His Love Endures Forever! (yes, the caps are mine)

All around us, all the time, is the hush of creation. Driving in the early morning, I see God’s flower arrangements; weeds, and they take my breath away. So I grab my camera and try to capture a just little bit of the least of His tinkerings.

Color sprinkled by the roadside

The petals on chickory have tiny little forks at the ends.

Misty morning grass before the mow

My noisy coffee companion. He’s very vocal.

I would that men everywhere would give thanks.

Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!

Route 90 Fifty-Mile Yard Sale

I had to wait anxiously til Sunday to hit the fifty mile yard sale on the other side of Cayuga Lake. But it was worth the wait, and I’ve got lots of goodies and finds to share. We headed south in the morning and drove until I said, “STOP”.  Then we turned around and started browsing as we made our way back up the lake. The “STOP!” was caused by these beauties here. I have been looking for a cool oil lamp so I could start a collection.  By days end, I had a small collection.

Next stop I was gasping and biting my tongue and trying my best to sound casual! She had this old quilt marked $3.00.  Yeah, that’s right. THREE DOLLARS.  And a quilt top in a bit better shape, but unfinished, for $10. I hemmed and hawed and offerred her ten for the both of them.  DONE.  (Drumroll please…I am in heaven)

I found some good deals on glasses. One big box was only three bucks and it contained ten of these little juice gems that I fondly remember from my childhood.  In those days, you only had one glass of orange juice in the morning, and this was the size of the glass!  I guess with seven kids, you have to set limits.

I also found these wonderful diner-style coffee cups with saucers and dessert plates in a “free” box.  Plus another lovely mug for my collection.


I found this green stuff that I am unsure if I like it enough to keep it around for long. But it may become a keeper. Time will tell. 

I will surely keep them for a while anyway.  These candle holder swans are heavy and even though I paid 50 cents apiece for them, I am pretty sure they are silver. And if they are not, I am certain they are lovely!

This candle is a thrift store find from a month or so ago, but I am just crazy about it.  I would guess it’s made of bees wax since it has little honey bees all over it.  

I’ve been looking for one of these little-thing-holders for months now. This one came complete with all the little brass pieces!

And last of all, I picked up four pillows to fill these Pottery Barn pillow covers I found  at Salvation Army. 

That is one yard sale I will be putting on my calandar for next year!  In the mean time, it’s local  garage sales till summer’s end.