Around Town in Roskilde

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Lovin these brass candle holders.  Oh dear.  Here we go again.

This could be done with an old picture frame and wallpaper and little hooks.  I think it’s to hang your necklaces on.  Love it!  Will try to make my own for sure!

Another “must try” idea: wallpapered drawers and darling knobs.  Oh yeah.

Here I go again, looking like a dork, taking pictures because the shops are …well, just wonderful!

Oh come on!  I could wear this…somewhere!!

Found a little bunny I couldn’t live without.

And a few plates from England.

Trim my wick and put me OUT! Yeah! Love that flea market.

Never know what to expect around here.

Got married up there nearly a year ago!

Starting them young.  Busy Saturday in Roskilde.  Hej Hej !! (That’s pronounced Hi Hi and it means Goodbye! LOL)


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