Magical Sunday Evening

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Montezuma Wildlife Refuge is one of those places I’d driven by a hundred times on the way to somewhere else in too much of a hurry to stop in.  But Sunday was a heaven-sent day with a very special dedication ceremony of two precious grandchildren of my brother’s.  I think that makes them my great niece and nephew.  With a sweet message of God’s amazing grace fresh in heart, we took the slow drive through the wetlands on the way home.   I stood on my seat with my head through the sunroof, spying photo opportunities as gusts of cool wind blew all around me.  I smiled at the wonder of acclimation!  It felt cold, but refreshing; not at all unpleasant.  As we crawled quietly along the gravel road,  I imagined I was in Africa on a safari. The Mini Cooper became a Jeep.  The wetlands became drylands, and the bushes were  zebras and lions and giraffes.  I felt certain that the drive wouldn’t be any more wonderous in a foreign country.  The state of mind is what makes life enjoyable; not the scenery.

We stopped the car to watch a great blue heron. I captured a bit of that magical Sunday evening to share…


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