The Joy!

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Another great trip!   I am moved that my kids are so incredible.  I got off the plane and walking into baggage claim I see two people there that could be my people, but mine should be waiting out in the cell phone lot in the car until I call them from out front.  But that surely looks like Adrienne.  And is that her fiancé with her?  Or someone else?  As they rise to greet me, I realize it surely is my people.  My son and daughter approach me with flowers and a package of my favorite Mint Milano cookies.   All I can think as I hug them, besides how very good it is to hug them, is what great kids these are.  What great thoughtful little people to bless my socks off.   Not only with an hour long drive to the airport, but to surprise me inside and bearing gifts!  How very humbling.  I seem to be in the habit of getting humbled again and again lately.

On this trip, Adrienne and Kenny and I were off to Fripp Island to scout out a wedding venue.  The island was incredible, and the wedding vision is coming together a piece at a time.  We got to put our toes in the sand and smell the salty air and enjoy the warm breeze in the lowlands.

The island deer wander around lazily crossing the street, while the residents bomb around in golf carts.  We were sorry when we had to head back.

My soap was calling me.  It has been curing at my sister’s house for well over the month necessary.  She loaded me up with goodies once again, and gave me a tour of the property.

It’s always fun to wander around the grounds of someone else’s house and get inspired.  I grabbed my camera and we strolled around seeing what new things were growing, and what new projects had been completed.  The sun was going down, and we were surrounded by the quiet.  A bit later we heard the wild calling of two owls hooting at each other, and sound of the chuck widow’s will, not to be confused with the whippoorwill which makes a very similar call minus the chuck.  My sister and I have to have this conversation every time we hear the sound and we must wait in silence to determine which one it is.

Her little display of enamel ware reminded me of Walden’s Pond when Thoreau spoke of how happy his belongings looked out of doors on the lawn when he cleaned out the cabin.  “It was pleasant to see my whole household effects out on the grass, making a little pile like a gypsy’s pack, and my three-legged table, from which I did not remove the books and pen and ink, standing amid the pines and hickories. They seemed glad to get out themselves, and as if unwilling to be brought in. I was sometimes tempted to stretch an awning over them and take my seat there. It was worth the while to see the sun shine on these things, and hear the free wind blow on them; so much more interesting most familiar objects look out of doors than in the house. A bird sits on the next bough, life-everlasting grows under the table, and blackberry vines run round its legs; pine cones, chestnut burs, and strawberry leaves are strewn about. It looked as if this was the way these forms came to be transferred to our furniture, to tables, chairs, and bedsteads- because they once stood in their midst.”

My sister’s belongings were quite jovial.  Especially the red ones.

The next day we were off to visit her friend Jayne for more home touring inspiration. Amazing what happens when a landscaper and a garden center worker get together.  Their property was great fun to explore, and her home had charm and character to boot!  Unfortunately I was not thinking properly, perhaps my coffee hadn’t fully kicked in.  I forgot my camera and had to take photos with my cheap ass phone.  I have to call it that, because I got a big laugh once before when I did.

Jayne is one with a style and taste that I see in magazines or restaurants, but can not figure out how to do myself.  Obviously she gets it, as her home has that groovy modern shabby older look that just casually says, “Yeah. I know what to do with that.”

These are her little finds from tilling the soil for the garden.  I wanted to snag them and collect them and make a tile table.

So with  gratitude I return home with my heart loaded up like my suitcase.  How can it be, I wonder again and again.  How can I be so blessed and fortunate?  My sister and my daughter  and I talk ninety miles an hour until we are all exhausted.  My son lets me hug the heck out of him, even if he doesn’t need them.  And my future son-in-law has a uniquely calm presence that puts at ease even the most high strung of us all.  That would probably be me, but Adrienne is running a close second.


One thought on “The Joy!

    Helen Jessop said:
    May 12, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    I loved this! See you June 2nd. I miss you!

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