Settling in

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The kitchen: I didn’t think I liked it, but it’s quickly becoming my favorite. If only I could find those Cape Cod’s to fit!

These are garage and basement finds! The oak table doubles as an island for now, and the shelf sitting on top has been pretty happy where it is!  But it will find a wall somewhere after it’s painted WHITE!

Laundry/Mud room.

The basement is awesome. Check out the Christmas lights. Weird what can make me happy. I was so glad she left them!

And for those cold winter nights…

I see wallpaper in this room’s future.

And this is my favorite little room. For now, a guest bedroom, just as soon as I spy a old white metal bed frame.

Found a whole box of these in the basement.  Score.

Front door has some old hardware too.

Even found a home for those groovy curtains that reminded me of a quilt I had on my bed as a kid.  Gotta love ebay.

Found a whole box of Atlas jars to fill with bath salts!


One thought on “Settling in

    MaryAnn said:
    May 2, 2012 at 7:39 am

    Looking good :]

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