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With the mega millions up to 540 million dollars, I find myself staggering and shaking my head at the prospect of it.  Talk about exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think!  I certainly have not thought in terms that large.  With a take home of around 250 million, I still can’t really conceive what that means.  Of course I already have my plans of what to do for my family and friends, and I have a few ideas for business ventures I’ve always wanted to do: a clothing line, a spa, a gym.  But all in all, I think I would live modestly and shop a lot.  Perhaps opening a thrift store or several to arrange all of my treasures; vintage linens, distressed furniture, fancy antique mirrors, and fifties dishes; little figurines and funky junk.

I know, some would say, with that kind of money, you can buy the finest new housewares the world has to offer.  But some things just aren’t as sweet new.  So with crazy insane wealth, I will be able to do unbridled shopping and continue doing what I love: seeking out unique bargains from yesteryear.  Oh there will be plenty of places to keep my finds.  The spa will need to be furnished, as will my home, and if I buy a guesthouse for tourists to stay while they shop on Thrift Lane, I can fill it with antique beds, dressers, and benches.  And Main Street can have shop after shop of second-hand finds, vintage goodies, and Amish crafts.  After all, we will be in Amish country.

Recently I went to Tennessee to the Worlds Longest Yard Sale on Route 127. From Michigan to Alabama this weeklong event is a thrifter’s dream.  And now that I have been inspired, I can see an entire town devoted to thrift stores, antiques, and old treasures.  The businesses would pop up one after another all complimenting each other the way the wineries do.

People will come from all over to lodge in wine country, and shop second-hand, hitting the wineries and cafés for lunch, and in the shops, they will be served tea and offered a fun fancy hat to wear while they browse until dinner, when they can go over to the lake and enjoy the sunset on the porch of a seafood restaurant with an ice-cold beer. 

Yes.  Dreams are sweet, and dreaming is good.  And hey, you never know.


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