Farewell to Fairport

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A funny thing happened as I walked into downtown Fairport, with spring showing off all around me.  I saw the homes.  Not for the first time, but more for the last. We are leaving this town soon, to move to the country an hour or so away. And as I passed, I remembered why I liked Fairport so much to begin with.  The homes are darling. And suddenly I realized they are worthy of my camera as much as any of the old homes in Denmark. We have plent of charm and charecter right here in America. 

I just may have to plant some of these at the new place. Gorgeous!

Love the Italian Flag

Don’t you just want to sit in that chair and sip some iced tea?

Mother Nature is busy painting the town red! 

I love the color of this old barn! I’m afraid it may be too late for the repair job though. 

After a four mile walk, this bike was looking mighty tempting!


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