Gifts from my niece and a give away!

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It’s so cool when the little kid nieces grow up and become women. One such greeted me  at my sister’s house with a huge hug, a beautiful smile and presents from Christmastime.  I was so moved that she thought of me, I just have to share her great taste and revel in her sweet thoughtfulness.  I keep this little gem in an old box I’ve had a while.

As if the worry dolls weren’t cool enough, she gave me this groovy scarf too.  How fun is that! I love unexpected presents! Now MY wheels are turning looking to give a perfect give to someone. Maybe a blog give-a-way contest is in order? 

OK faithful readers, after browsing around here, I don’t know what to give away.  A scarf (not my new one of course), or a dish, or mug or candle holder? Someone get the ball rolling with suggestions, and I will post something to give away! It will be a lottery, a drawing, a contest of some kind.  But it will be easy. Tell me what you want to win in the comment spot at the top of this post! Don’t be shy! I love comments!


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