Who Asked You?

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Try changing the questions you ask yourself.   If you ask, “Why can’t I…?”  for example, the brain starts off to work finding answers to your question.  Instead, you ask, “How can I…?”  Instead of thinking, “What is wrong?”  Ask yourself,  “What is there to celebrate right now?”  The mind is a powerful thing.  It responds to your inquiries, and it doesn’t rest, even after you have stopped asking the question.  As you sleep the mind is still scanning all of your life experiences, all the information it has received  both consciously and unconsciously, looking for the answer to your question.  Do you really want the question to be, “What’s wrong with me?”  Do you want that highly efficient brain of yours to be tallying a list of answers while you sleep?  Be sure, it will!

Practice gratitude.  And practice good questions.  Instead of, “Why is she so difficult!” ask, “What do I love about her?”  See how it instantly changes your mood, your frustration.  Try asking some that maybe don’t feel quite true.  “Why do I feel so GOOD!?”  And see what the mind comes up with for your answers. 

A wonderful book on meditation likened the mind to an automobile, and the will to its driver.  If you got into a car and were headed for the grocery store and the car decided it would take you for a drive in the opposite direction,  you would not tolerate it.   Yet we allow our minds to wildly drive with no rhyme or reason, rarely interrupting and directing our thoughts to a more fruitful place.

                     What grace have you discovered today?  What questions are you asking?


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