Documenting Life

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 Feeling compelled to grab the camera and record events as nasty as this one has me wondering: why do we want to take pictures?  Why do we need a record of everything?   Is it due to the transient nature of life? The fast moving planet we are on?


 Life is a roller coaster we did not ask to ride.  It is all at once terrifying and exhilarating; painful and hysterical.  Only one thing is certain; there is no getting off until it is over, and no one knows just when it will stop. With time flying by like a comet, is it any wonder we frail humans want to record and capture bits of our lives?  We try to freeze moments, and stop the passage of time.  We sit and browse images pretending to suspend time, hoping to savor and keep that which we love. 

 Then there are the lost loves who have moved on ahead of us, whom we never see or hold again except in our memory; photos of them take us to another time, when they were here, and we could see and touch and smell them.  Now we rely on our minds to quiet down and be still enough to remember their voice, their laugh, and their expressions.


Life seems like it is always taking something away from you.  But that doesn’t last either.  There are always reunions, reconciliations, and restoration.  What you lose, you get back, and then some.  Like the rhythm of breathing: emptying and filling, inhaling and exhaling, expanding and contracting; so is our time here with our loved ones.  May we let go and accept that all is well, everything is in tact, and we are one.

Easter is coming.  What better time to celebrate the perfect order of all things than the triumphant resurrection of a human being, not unlike us, who was beaten to a pulp, and crucified and mocked, torn from all who loved him, and buried in the ground in what seemed like utter defeat and failure, devastating the hearts of all who hoped in him.

But the man arose! And lived, and still lives, saying, “Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.” 

It’s as if he showed us that the rollercoaster we ride without our consent; the one we are strapped into and trapped on from the moment we take our first breath, is perfectly harmless.  We will be fine.  And we are fine. 


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