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I have been given three daughters.  They are my three  exquisite gems that I was allowed to care for and polish.  This weekend my youngest daughter turns 21.  I will be spending time in her home with her fiancé in the guest bedroom she is busy preparing for me.  She is excited that I am coming to visit.  And I am so glad for that!   Not all mothers and daughters get happy at the prospect of seeing each other.    As  I raised my daughters, I read of women complaining about their mothers; all the ways the mothers had crippled them, or hurt them, or messed them up.   They were trying to overcome their mother’s damage so they could raise their daughters differently.  I never felt any of that, as my mother was laid to rest when I was only twelve.  So, my parenting may have suffered a bit for lack of having parents, but my daughters seem oblivious to this.  They love me.  And that fact is wonderful and amazing.  They think of me when they try a new recipe, or pick out a motif for the guest bedroom.  They are adventurous, and outgoing.  They share with me the moments of humility when they discover that I was right about something.  They miss me when they do their hair,  as I miss them, for we used to all share the bathroom and get ready together if we had somewhere to go.  

 I used to wish we were Amish.  I wanted my girls to meet a local boy, and move into a house down the street from me, and have lots of babies.  I hoped we would walk to each other’s houses and bake together, or can vegetables that we grew together.   Maybe that still can  happen, (well, not the Amish part), but for now we are all spread around, and I am just brimming over with gratitude that at least two of them will be with me for the weekend!  We’ll be missing you Natalee!!  Enjoy the sun and surf for the rest of us!


2 thoughts on “Daughters

    vickie mason said:
    February 29, 2012 at 10:45 am

    So beautiful Micky. Your words express it perfectly. My oldest son and his wife had a baby girl this weekend. We had three days with them but it aches my very soul that they aren’t down the street or even a few miles away so that we could do all ordinary things in life. Hard to share the joys, trials, and sorrows together. But God willing we can find a way to stay close and cherish the moments we do. Besides we are so blessed to have the love and support of family. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes you think you are the only person going through separations. Enjoy!

    Dana Washer said:
    February 29, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Love the story and the pictures! You and your daughters are beautiful and I miss all of you! I am still not yet used to the fact that my mom is miles away now. I take for granted the times that I could just drive 10 minutes down the road to see her. I sometimes still wish that I could forget that I’m an adult now and go back to the days when I was 17, living at home and watching Friends of Funny videos with my mom and laughing until my cheeks hurt. Change definately takes getting used to but it also makes me thankful for my childhood and how wonderful she made it for me. My mom has always been my best friend and I can only hope that my daughter will feel the same about me. My mother taught me how to be the mother that I wanted to be- just by being herself. Thank you for sharing!

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