Table talk

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“People just find it easier to hate.  They can feel better about themselves if they put someone else down.  People want enemies.  They need enemies to make themselves feel good.”

 I swirl the water in my glass and sigh, frowning; thinking.  This cannot be.  I cannot accept this.

 “No, people can edify one another, build EACH OTHER up.  That removes the need to put others down.  It is possible to love even your enemies.”  I say, hoping I don’t get crushed further.

 “Oh come on.  Who do you know that does that?  How many people do you know that aren’t prejudice?  How many of your friends?  Your family?”

 I feel a challenge coming on, and try to think honestly over all the evidence I’ve seen of prejudice in my own circle of friends and family.  And like a scanner, my brain runs over and over trying to remember incidences and suddenly it stopped.

 “I can think of three.” I said finally.

 “Three that aren’t?”  He said.

 “No, three people that I have been close to who have openly said something blatantly prejudice.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t more incidences, but I can only think of three people I would call prejudice.”

 “What about your siblings?” He asked.


 “Hmm.  Well who are they?”   I told him.  He wasn’t surprised.  But the point was made.  Maybe everyone doesn’t hate.  Maybe everyone isn’t harboring some dark prejudice toward another people group.  Maybe there are only a few.  And maybe when they talk, we are embarrassed to be associated with them.  I just write it off as insecurity and ignorance.  But I still wish I wasn’t around when they expressed it.

 In Denmark, I am munching a bag of Doritos with writing on the back in NL, FR, UK, and a little thumbs up symbol on the bottom of the bag saying “Doritos. Yiiiiiiha!”  My Coke says something about Facebook on it, but I am not sure what, as it is written in Danish.  To me, it feels like the world is getting smaller and smaller.  Maybe that will make it easier to love our neighbor as ourselves.  But I doubt it.


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