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Tis the still, quiet, introspective season. Unseen life waits beneath the cover of winter.  Dormant dreams hide.  Time stands still.  The rush is hushed.  The heart is free to soar from past to future and back home again.

    I find a dreamer’s perch on a captured balcony and indulge my fantasies.

           I’m a child in the window, who dreams of being  grown up.

   And ahead to spring.  Dreams of homes and gardens and gatherings.

Time stood still when I found this darling lonesome flower, hanging onto its life into the winter months.

             Feel the shiver from the stillness of the marina.

        Remembering the green warmth of late summer. 

What better time of year to remember the way the clouds moved just for me, completing the perfect day with a nod from heaven.  Happy New Year, and many quiet dreams to you all!


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