The Little Things

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The Little Things

Since receiving my new camera about a year ago, I have taken thousands of pictures.  But lately I am drawn to photograph tiny little things, like my inch tall tumbling Santas, or the details on a plate designed by my favorite artist.  It happened quite by accident.  I was photographing my thrift store finds to share with my sister, who used to be my thrift store buddy.  But now, since we are so far apart, I thought it would be fun to include her in going through my loot.  I was taking pictures of a plate I found, when I began to zoom in and notice all kinds of little details.  I could almost feel the artist over my shoulder smiling, “Yes, there is a lot more to see.” 

This spark ignited a flame of curiosity about the tiny little unnoticed world all around us.  I have often thought about the vastness of the universe, but haven’t pondered the little things very much.  Now I am noticing them everywhere, in fabrics, textures, and tiny little collectibles for the knick-knack shelf.

I watched the Incredible Shrinking Man on you tube and in the end, he never really disappears, because infinity works in both directions.  He would just keep getting smaller and smaller forever and ever. 

This attention to small things can lead to a great deal of peace and wonderment!  To cease looking outward, or onward, or beyond to some far away place or time, and to be present right where you are; to notice the tiny details of your child’s fingernails, or the curve of your lover’s nose.  It’s comforting to know there is so much to explore in your very own home,  so many ways to grow in creativity just by becoming aware of what is all around you in every moment.  Why, there may even be a universe in that little dust speck after all!


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