Museum Magic

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A bit of birthday money was burning a whole in my pocket, so I took to the streets to see what goodies I hadn’t discovered yet. I was tickled to find that the cute little place that is usually locked up had some dim lights inside and a person browsing around. I pushed open the door and my heart leaped!

Partly because it was one of the first times I remembered to push the door instead of pulling. I had just embarrassed myself minutes before at the little thrift store I like. I had pulled the handle. It didn’t budge. So I hung my head, took a few steps and started window-shopping. Then I saw a woman who was clearly browsing in there! So I went back to the door, and pushed. That was the trick. But back to the museum: this is not an ordinary museum, but quite like an old country store. And all the goodies on display are for sale! I set about to browsing, when the old gentleman running the place greeted me in Danish. I took a moment to make it obvious we have a language barrier, but like most of the Danish folks, he did his best to help me in broken English. I selected something darling to help me with a bit of Danish vocabulary. Reminded me of the old Dick and Jane illustrations in the states.  

My eyes fell to the floor where this shoehorn creature begged me to take him too! I tried to ignore him, picking him up, admiring him, setting him back down. No, there was no leaving this little guy.  

We had boot-removing devices when I was a kid, but nothing like this! Ours was just an ugly piece of wood with a v at the top. This guy became my birthday present!   

After paying for my finds, I asked the man if I might take some photos. He was more than accommodating, pointing out interesting antiques around the place, and welcoming me to different rooms.   Enjoy the slideshow!

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