Something about Michael

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There is something about my Michael; something that emanates from him the way a little cloud of dirt encircles Pigpen.  But with Michael, it isn’t stinky, or dirty or even visible.  It is an attractive reassuring calm that draws the anxious like a magnet.  I have felt this calm in others, but it’s usually fleeing, or mood based.  It doesn’t seem to be a part of them.  But Michael ‘s very essence says,  “Don’t worry.” 
It needs no explanation. It just is. Like the air you breathe. Or the sun in the sky. It just is. A calm confident assurance that all is well.
I don’t know how he got it, or where he got it. But I told him that someday he might have to disappear so the crowds don’t press him too much, the way they did with Jesus.


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