The harlot

The one world religion

she rides on the beast

a system of systems

already in place

The seduction is simple

no controversy no shame

just one with creation

a walk in the woods

a nap by the brook

in your own private time

No need to commune

with anyone else

Nothing required 

but settling down

There are no confines, no buildings

no songs or expressions

just a simple beholding

of the hum, the orchestra of nature

No talk of religion or doctrine or faith

No need for a Savior

No sin, no cross, no redemption, no resurrection

Just sit by the fire

and listen to sounds 

of the here and now

This life is to be savored 

It will never be again

Don’t waste it looking

to the heavens

Don’t look far ahead

Just stay in this moment

and rest your head

But the rest you are taking

Is not the Sabbath rest

The seventh day

or the seven thousandth year rest

the millennial kingdom

When Christ comes to earth

And rules from His throne 

In Jerusalem

This is the rest 

Creation cries for

When the sons of God are manifest

and evil is no more

When the powers of Satan 

be chained down below

and deception and lies

are wiped out clean

Oh but all this is silly

When you have here and now

the power to be still

and to feel all is well

Prayer? Why that is just quieting down

No need for asking, for knocking, or seeking

No need for anything

just be lulled to sleep

Not a single debate, no right or wrong.

Just bliss and peace all the day long.

I would have gone for it myself, 

if it weren’t for the scriptures.

The God-men of old

with their wild stories of faith

of supernatural things

of freeing slaves

of parting seas

of drowning enemies

of slingshots and giants

of being thrown in a pit

only to rule kingdoms

and save unbelievers

of speaking in tongues

of a Savior who died,

and said many would follow

Being tortured and mocked

and thrown into prisons.

These peaceable Harlot types 

they won’t be imprisoned.

They won’t be hated or mocked

They’re above all of that

They have serene written upon them

and no fight is in them

Buddhism, Taoism, 

and even the Hindus

already have the head start in this

This one world religion

That is accepting of all

This place of perfection

in nature, in earth

Oh my Jesus. My Shepherd, my brother. 

I have to press in and know you better

For if it were possible 

she would deceive even me

even the very elect of God.

But I will eat and drink

of your body and blood

and be an offense 

if that is the case

I will sell all I have

and with the money 

I’ll buy the one field

that has you hidden in it

The treasure eternal

I see how easy it will be

for the harlot to have 

her way in the earth

With so much information

so many opinions, doctrines, ideas

So much arguing and so little peace

The fears will abate,

the noise quiets down

and she beckons to all

to just settle down

to listen to Nature

for she alone is God

and we must protect and preserve her

above all else

Your morality doesn’t matter

just try to be kind

and leave all the pettiness

of sin behind

No one is right, and no one is wrong

All is just one grand love song

And the people will bow

with such relief and gratitude

for they finally can live simply

with no one over them

but their own light

I am God

You are God

And the world turns 

as it always has

Beheading of John the Baptist

The Waiting

Another morning

I am to praise you

for this is the day

the lord has made

I am to rejoice and be glad in it

but the sad fact that you didn’t

show up in the night

and snatch me away

off to you

for us

to be forever one

forever together

in love’s embrace…

It’s the first thing I feel when I awake

The wait is not over

The watch is ongoing

and though you say

you are not slack

I have trouble with the duration

Up and out of bed

to face a world

that is still indifferent:

to you, to your love, your cross, your promises

A people who still squirm at your name

who don’t need You or Your Way

They have their own way

they have the world, the earth you made

the splendor of the gifts you gave

the roaring sea

the still starry sky

the mist of dew on the fields

they have their own peace

 Your cross is too violent for these

too bloody

too controversial and despised

Your gospel interferes

Your words are too divisive

sin and blood and sacrifice

are not polite conversation

Your resurrection is a nice children’s story

your return is a fable for the weak-hearted

 looking for an escape from reality

But you are my refuge

You are my hope

You are my future

Your promises are my joy

Your Way is narrow

And you said they hated you

Surely they will hate me too

The foolishness of God

is Wiser than men

And the Wisdom of God

is foolishness with men

I am happy you require

such digging to find you

I am happy to be hidden in you

until you arrive for me

For I belong to you

You are my own Shepherd

The only voice I hear

And all other voices are dull to me

I don’t recognize them

I won’t follow them

I have such a sweet Savior

A sweet Master

A passionate Shepherd

That laid down his life for me

There is nothing else

but to wait

and to look, watching for Him

My soul thirsts for you

In a dry and thirsty land


You lead me beside still waters

You restore my soul

for another day

My cup runs over

Even as I long for you

What a glorious love, You are.

Jesus, the Christ

the Son of the Living God

No BS. Really content. No, really!

I have learned in whatsoever state I am in to be content. Whether in plenty or in need

         Paul is not being a martyr here. He is not talking like a victim with a great sigh. Oh, I’m fine. The Lord sees fit to have me suffering, and I will do it gladly. No. He is sincere. He is truly saying he has learned to be content in all things. A settled state. There is no more tossing and turning of the soul. The sense that things are not right is gone. The disturbed soul has been quieted like a weaned child with its mother. 

            King Solomon wrote, And I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven: this grievous labor hath God given to the sons of man to be exercised with it.

            What an exercise! To settle into a deep trust and rest in our God. In the scariest of times, to be holding tight to the Rock. In troubles and tribulations, to find the anchor of our soul. In times of great darkness when it seems God has forsaken us, to steadfastly walk in the path though we can barely see the next step. 

Though I make my bed in hell, there you are.

            This verse could be about sleeping around or prostitution, pornography or drug addiction, or any number of seedy activities we humans find ourselves entangled in (..abusers of ourselves with mankind) But it could have many other interpretations. Where we make our bed could be what we rest in. What we find comfortable. Habitual. Soulish thinking; worry, angst, dissatisfaction, irritation, anger. Anything other than peace and contentment and gratitude and sincere thanks. Fretting.

In James 5 it says, “Is any one of you suffering? He should pray”

            That word suffering in the Greek is to suffer evil, endure affliction; to undergo hardship. This encompasses so many day to day things. Suffering evil could be at the hands of others.  Praying provides the wisdom and direction in dealing with them. Enduring affliction may include all sorts of illnesses, mental or physical. Prayer will connect you to our Lord’s suffering and you’ll discover that you are not alone.  Suffering evil: the constant barrage of darkness all around us at any given time and feeling like it has the upper hand.  Prayer will clear that up too.

God is not the author of confusion, but of Peace.

We endure suffering as discipline. God is treating us as sons.

            If anything comes your way, anything at all, the Lord has allowed it. Resist the devil and he will flee from you, yes. But if you have resisted, and have faith, and have asked God to help you with your unbelief, and see no change, then He must be showing you something. Taking you through something. Allowing something. In which case, all you can do is give thanks and trust His work. His timing. His plan. 

            Remember Job. In one day calamity railed him. But somehow He still trusted God, and did not curse him, as his wife advised.  I believe this is because he knew God. And he knew He was good.

            His ways are higher than ours. He brings us in close so he can comfort us and speak softly to us and reassure us. The Lord is gracious and compassionate. Though your situation or circumstance may not immediately change, the quicker you can surrender to His work and give thanks in all things the sooner you will see what it was all for. At times there are years and years of going in circles but all of the promises of God in Him are Yes! and Amen! 

And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.