There it is again! The desire to appreciate and create.  Ever just love what you have? I have been so inspired by blogs and photos of beautiful kitchens, and darling living areas filled with charm and warmth that I decided to gather up a few of my favorite things and share.  

I think these glass cupboards were just waiting to display the juice and tomatoes we canned in the fall.  Who doesn’t love glass doors?

My honey keeps bringing me flowers.  I can’t bear throwing them away, so I dry them and add them to the bushel.  I’m gonna need a bigger bushel.   Such troubles.

This isn’t really a couch cover, but a bedspread.   I found it for $6 at a huge annual garage sale.  Isn’t it great!  I was so proud.  The pillowcase with big roses was another thrift find from Goodwill.  And the throw? A sweet prayer shawl that my friend knitted for me. 

This mug I found thrifting.  I had one just like it years ago when I was a medic.  I was so excited to see it again, so I can gift it to my friend the nurse. 

This little guy came from a religious shop in Copenhagen.  He is perfect for the Passover and Easter festivities.

From Tuesday Morning, these flower candle holders just brought me such a smile!  But Tuesday Morning is a dangerous place.  Getting out of there is so hard!  

I love collecting old Winnie the Pooh and other children’s books.  If the book is too beat up, I can use the illustrations to decoupage a dresser, or a chair.  Just feels GOOD. 

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